Live with robots


I have ever dreamed about to have my own personal robot that assist me in tasks when i need help in some way.

So i have started to design a first version prototype to get that dream done.

Also i want to everybody that´s share that dream to get involve in this project in the way they can.

  • Electronics
  • Hardware
  • Software Programming
  • 3D Modelling



Mainly it gotta be cappable to:

  • Follow the 3 Laws of  robotics
  • Manages auto charging (solarpanels or electrical net).
  • Recognize voices.
  • 3D Map new places.
  • View and Detect Faces, body complexions, objects, places.
  • Remember people, objects, places.
  • Bring Objects.
  • Store Objects.
  • Protect Home.

It´s gotta be a kind of tool but the fact of communicate wth it makes a more personal relationship so i gotta give a name to it, let´s say “Robbie”.


Well, the name is given so go to make a main design to Robbie´s structure.

  • It gotta have wheels to move around the place.
  • Arms & hands to handle objects.
  • Sensors to sense the environment.
  • Big Batteries to live longer.
  • Solar panel to recharge Batteries.
  • Wall electric connector.



For the Brain i gotta make it modular in both versions  Arduino and Raspberry PI.


Computer Vision And Senses

For the Computer Vision and senses i decided to use a sort of sensors to achieve good results for relevant tasks as map places and recognize objects and people.

  • Ultrasonic Sensor (Measure distance)
  • Video Input Camera Sensor (Measure Colors and shapes)
  • Infrared Sensor (Measure Heat)
  • Humidity Sensor (Measure ambience humidity)



For the Movements i gotta use stepper motors with a nice torque , belts and gears to power up Robbie´s movement and keep them accurate.

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