How To Resin Casting


Learn & Practice the basics to resin casting by yourself.

Materials used Polyester Resin + catalyst
with this one the proportion is
1.5 parts of catalyst
every 100 parts of resin.

you can get the percent of catalyst to use
with the next formula
resin quantity divided by 100
and multiply the result by the catalyst proportion in my case 1.5

In winter or cold areas you probably need to add some extra catalyst to work in a normal timing mine settings are 2.5 catalyst parts every 100 parts of resin

Do not add lot of catalyst to increase the speed of process or resin will crash and gets really hot.

Always use protection glasses and gloves.
Acetone removes resin remains.

Feel free to ask any question about the process.

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Live with robots


I have ever dreamed about to have my own personal robot that assist me in tasks when i need help in some way.

So i have started to design a first version prototype to get that dream done.

Also i want to everybody that´s share that dream to get involve in this project in the way they can.

  • Electronics
  • Hardware
  • Software Programming
  • 3D Modelling



Mainly it gotta be cappable to:

  • Follow the 3 Laws of  robotics
  • Manages auto charging (solarpanels or electrical net).
  • Recognize voices.
  • 3D Map new places.
  • View and Detect Faces, body complexions, objects, places.
  • Remember people, objects, places.
  • Bring Objects.
  • Store Objects.
  • Protect Home.

It´s gotta be a kind of tool but the fact of communicate wth it makes a more personal relationship so i gotta give a name to it, let´s say “Robbie”.


Well, the name is given so go to make a main design to Robbie´s structure.

  • It gotta have wheels to move around the place.
  • Arms & hands to handle objects.
  • Sensors to sense the environment.
  • Big Batteries to live longer.
  • Solar panel to recharge Batteries.
  • Wall electric connector.



For the Brain i gotta make it modular in both versions  Arduino and Raspberry PI.


Computer Vision And Senses

For the Computer Vision and senses i decided to use a sort of sensors to achieve good results for relevant tasks as map places and recognize objects and people.

  • Ultrasonic Sensor (Measure distance)
  • Video Input Camera Sensor (Measure Colors and shapes)
  • Infrared Sensor (Measure Heat)
  • Humidity Sensor (Measure ambience humidity)



For the Movements i gotta use stepper motors with a nice torque , belts and gears to power up Robbie´s movement and keep them accurate.

Recycled Washing Machine

I live in the field side and usually i went to clean my clothes at a laundry store.

But i somebody give to me an old and broken washing machine.

i am not be able to find what is broken in but i have tested the main and evacuation pump motors works fine.

So, i give it a try connecting them with two single switches directly to AC 220V along the capacitor in the way described in images below.

slow_speed fast_speed

by the moment i did my first clothes washing directly in home 🙂

i am thinking about to connect all the items to arduino and make a washing machine programmer

with wify connection also why not @#&%)=