Bending Text And Objects in Sketchup

Different techniques to Bend Stuff in Sketchup

Testing Shape Bender Plugin for Sketchup Text

Testing out the Shape Bender plugin for text on a cylinder for 3D print

Shape Bender plugin

Progress Bar plugin (needed for older versions install if required)

Testing Fredo Scale Plugin for Radial Bending Sketchup Objects

Showing up Fredo Scale plugin for Radial Bending objects

as a example we design a 3D printable mini half pipe for finger skate

LibFredo6 needed to use Fredo Scale Plugin

plugin Fredo Scale

Sketchup BASIC technics

Video series made for the demonstration of different basic 3D modelling techniques in Sketchup

Sketchup BASIC technics 1
  • Drawing Squares, Lines.
  • Extruding Faces.
  • Scale Faces.
  • Change objects shape adding and removing lines.
  • Change objects shape moving lines.
  • Search center on Objects
  • Making Holes in center of an object
  • Change Colors.
  • Changing objects visibility ( transparent, solid)

Sketchup BASIC technics 2

Sketchup BASIC technics 3
  • Drawing, Arcs, Lines, circles.
  • Centering
  • Labeling
  • Measuring
  • Modelling
  • Coloring

Sketchup BASIC technics 4
  • Multiple Clone of an object
  • Components

Sketchup BASIC Technics 5
  • Round borders square
  • Arcs
  • Center Pivot Rotation and Clonation of an Arc